Monday, March 11, 2013

Heather and Beth's adventure.

Heather and Beth's adventure.
By, Cortney Pontz
Heather is on her way to her friends house Beth. They both planned to go deep sea diving to get to the bottom of the ocean. Their is this legend that if you swim all the way to the bottom of the ocean there's a chest full of gold in a ship . Heather finally arrived at Beth's house, they are both excited to go. Beth’s always dreamed about going in deep sea driving. So they grab everything they need and head out to the boating dock. Once they get their they have to take a boat to where the location is that the legend said.
Heather and Beth hop on a boat and head out to sea. They have to prepare before they go into the ocean. Get oxygen tanks, helmets, cameras, flash lights, wet-suits. All of that good stuff they need to swim deep into the ocean. The boat driver thinks they're crazy, swimming that deep just to find gold. But they both don't care its an adventure for them. Personally I think that's kinda crazy to do that but its their life.
              But now Heather and Beth are about to jump down into the deep dark scary sea. Heather says to Beth “ This is scary i can't believe we're doing this”. Beth says “ I know but its so worth all the gold”. Beth and Heather jump into the sea. They both have walkies talkies in their wet suits  Beth says “Heather can you hear me?” Beth “yes i can hear you lets figure out where we're going.” Both Heather and Beth start heading towards the bottom of the sea.As their heading down to the bottom of the sea, they see fishes everywhere they are so beautiful Heather says. Theres bluish pink fish, ones that look like the fish in finding nemo.

         They start seeing dead bodies floating. It looks scary to them they both say. Its dark, the waters cold, they can barely see where they are going. They've been in the water for about 3 hours and haven't ate anything. They come across some seaweed, and keep in mind they are starving. So Heather pulls out her knife and cuts the seaweed for both of them to eat. While they are eating a shark comes near them and they both got REALLY scared. Beth was just standing still while heather was freaking out and started to swim her ass away and the shark started going after her. Beth doesn't know what to do she's in shock so she just stands there while the shark is starting to eat her Heather. Beth just swims away because she can't take this emotionally stress, watching her best friend get eaten.
              Beth swam so fast, so far away from Heather that she hadn't realized that her oxygen got a whole it in from the shark so the tank is about to run out. She doesn't know what to do shes scared out of her mind. Then all of a sudden Beth shes a cave, so she starts to head near the cave. When Beth gets in the cave she takes off her wet suit and all her equipment. She looks around and she finds another oxygen tank, “she said thank god for the cave.” She starts to fine stuff to make a fire to keep herself warm while she stays the night in the cave because she thinks its too scary for her to keep going. So Beth starts a fire and falls asleep all sleep safe and sound.
                       The next morning shes off to the bottom of the ocean. She starts to see all exotic fishes everywhere swimming around. Then she finally gets to the bottom of the ocean. Beth starts to look for the chest. But she starts to see the titanic the boat that the legend said the treasure was in, and she heads over to the broken boat. On her way over there she starts to see dead people such as, babies, little kids, teenagers, and adults. Beth starts to cry she thinks to herself how could all of these poor innocent people just die for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Beth starts to look around the boat, shes looking for the treasure chest. Beth looks in all of the rooms, she looks in the dining room, she looks EVERYWHERE still no treasure chest. Then Beth she thinks to herself, “hmmm” she says out loud where could it be. She finally thinks of the spot where it could be. She goes into the captain's room. She sees the safe and tries to unlock it but she can't. There is a combination on the captains safe and shes doesnt know it, she tries all the combination she can think of but its just not working.

                    She tries one last thing she throws a metal chair at the safe. And guess what it opened. And still no treasure chest so she decided to look in the basement of the boat. She swims down the stairs and goes where the cars were parked and there were fancy cars in the basement. Beth checked every single car that was there and she still didn't find that treasure chest. At this point she figures to just give up and stop looking.
                    So she starts to swim back up the the top of the sea. But then Beth hears a noise. She looks around here, shes getting freaked out, she doesn't know where that sound is coming from so she starts to go near it. She sees Heather her best friend that she thought got eaten by a shark. And she sees Heather holding a chest. Beth is so excited that she found her best friend that she thought had died. Beth says “Heather what's in the chest?”Heather says “the gold of course.” Beth says “Where did you get it?!” Heather “The shark put me in his stomach and brought me to it he was very nice, he said he doesn't eat humans.” Beth “i'm glad you're alive i really am.” Heather “lets go back up to the top of the boat i bet they are waiting for us.” So Beth and Heather swim back up to the top carrying a heavy chest. Once they get to the top of the water they coast guards are waiting for the two girls. And they all lived happily ever after.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Confused Life

Med head by James Patterson

Second quarter outside reading book review.

     The main character Cory Friedman he suffers from tourette's syndrome. He was five years old when he figured this out. Hes not able to control it at all, he’ll be in class jerking or twitching. Telling Cory to stop only makes him do it more. You can't blame Cory for this, he tries so hard to be normal tries really hard to control it but he can't and he still gets in trouble for something that he can't control. His doctor makes him take medicine he tries so many an none of them work.
   One quote from the book is “My knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up  battle with my brian”. Med head back of the book.
    The writer explains stuff so good, he talks about his life. For some writers thats very hard for them to expose their life out to the world and not care who reads it at all. I haven't read any books by James Patterson the way he wrote the book really grabbed my attention.
     My relationship with this book id say that it really spoke to me. Not to judge people by the way they look because you never know what they are going through at the time. I have a friend with tourettes and whenever he texts he’ll put his finger in the air an one time i asked him why he does that then he told me he had tourettes. And since then ive never treated him different i've treated him the same as i treat everybody else.
      I give Med head 5 paws - Devour it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wonderful Things

Theres things you dream about everyday. Think about anything you want in the world, and then compare it to something that's priceless. We never think about what we really have. No one thinks about the less fortunate. We all take most stuff we have for granted we don't realize how easy we have it. Back in the olden days most kids had to play outside not sit on their cell phones all day long. Mostly everyone’s television was non colored so it was in black and white. Were all spoiled to have these things we have, some kids aren't as lucky as us.
        The most priceless thing to me is if i could see my mother one last time, just to tell her i love her. She had died in 2010, i miss her so much. There was a time where we went to the beach, and it had a water slide.You had to walk up a lot of stairs. There was a slow, medium and a fast lane to go down the waterslide. My mom an my little sister and I went down it all at once on the fast one. There was white matts you had to sit on to go down or it would hurt once we went down the people who worked their yelled at us but it was so worth it.
       Im not really sure why water is priced. I think its stupid, but thats the government for you. Water bottles at the store cost $1.00 or $2.00 the most, i mean thats not that bad but its still pointless to sell water when you have some at your house but even then you have to pay a water bill which is really stupid. Water bills can go up to like $500 all depends on how much water you have used in that month.
      They are somewhat similar because my memory with my mom was at a water park, an that has to do with water as well. It must cost so much to run a water park, but people have such good memories there. The thrill of going down a HUGE water slide with a big smile on your face. An seeing someones face who you love dearly just makes your day. I wish I could go to the water park again with my mom. The thought of seeing her again, thinking about going down the water slide with her. You can't hug water but you can hug your mom. Moms do everything for you, help you out finding stuff. Make dinner (sometimes its the dad) wash your clothes, But what does water really do for you? Keep you alive? Well obviously, but spending time with your mom is priceless. You can't have memories with water. But with your mom you can go shopping, go out to eat and so much more you can do with her and you'll never forget all those great memories you guys had.
     Every moment I had spent with my mom was amazing. Well sometimes you and your parents get into fights, you say some mean stuff right? Get so angry that you just wish they were dead. Am I right? Yell at them saying I hate you so much. But do you really hate them? Or is it just at the moment? Just think they have done so much for you, they yell at you to keep you in line, keep you doing good in school. But water helps your live, without it no one would be alive. We drink water everyday, It has no flavor but still its very good for us.
     But every moment you should enjoy being with your parent enjoy life to the fullest.You will never know when that someone dies, it comes to as a surprise to you, unacceptable. Then you think back and wish you never said those mean things to the person who had passed away. But you gotta keep your head up and drink some water and just think about all the good things that has happen between you and your loved one that has passed away and went to heaven. At least they are watching over you all the time. These are why I value the things I value, because in some way these small things always have some part of your day and how the outcome will be.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Diary of the outsiders

Ponyboy The outsiders.
Diary of a wimpy kid.

Once upon a time,
Ponyboy was walking alone one cold stormy night. He didn't want to go home because he saw his father beat his mother every night, and he didn't know what to do about it. So every night Ponyboy would cry himself to sleep. When he went to school his attitude was completely different he put a smile on his face so no one would see his pain. That night he was walking home again until he saw someone walking home too but that person was by himself. So Ponyboy walked over to the boy and said “Hi im Ponyboy and yourself?”The boy looked at Ponyboy and smiled, as he said “My name is Greg nice to meet you.” The two boys were starting to talk and they saw that they have a lot in common. So they both decided to become best of friends and decided to run away together and never go back to the awful of a town.
       They started walking down a dark street when they came upon a old abandoned house and Ponyboy suggested that they would go in the scary old house and Greg didn't mind the idea at all he thought it was a really good idea. So they both went in the scary house, as they walked inside they saw a nice beautiful house it seem like a mansion to them it was so big on the inside but on the outside it was small and nasty. Anyways, they saw butlers and food everywhere in the house. They both said at the same time “ This all looks delicious lets eat it all.” So they started eating everything in sight like cake, frosting, lollipops, turkey, ham, ice-cream, pie etc. There was a lot of sugar and soda, they two kids ate everything.
    As they went upstairs and into the kitchen they saw an evil witch and she was mumbling to herself, “those kids look so plump and nice to eat.”  As Ponyboy and Greg herd her they started to run for the front door but the sad part about that is they got too fat to run. So they tried their best to run for the door, once they got to the door they couldn't fit out of it. The witch came running down the stairs and said “Where are you going you lovely children I want to eat you wait I mean I want to have dinner with you, don't go anywhere stay for a while. They both said “No” with a loud voice and kept trying to get out of the doorway.
    Ponyboy finally got out of the doorway, but Greg was still in there. He yelled for help as the witch was taking him away into her secret place where she eats the children. Ponyboy didn't want to go back in there where the evil witch is, but his only friend Greg was in there and he needed Ponyboys help. So Ponyboy ran right through the house making a big hole in the wall. He looked all over the house and couldn't find her secret room. He went into the library thats in the house  and sat down. But what Ponyboy didn't know is that he set off a trap that opened into a secret room which leads to the witches secret room  where she eats the kids. Ponyboy runs down the stairs and he sees Gerg, but hes all cooked and the witch is eating him. Nobody knows what happen to Ponyboy people say they see him walking around the graveyard moaning and groaning. On certain days Greg’s sole comes out to hunt everybody that ever hurt him and his best friend Ponyboy.