Monday, March 11, 2013

Heather and Beth's adventure.

Heather and Beth's adventure.
By, Cortney Pontz
Heather is on her way to her friends house Beth. They both planned to go deep sea diving to get to the bottom of the ocean. Their is this legend that if you swim all the way to the bottom of the ocean there's a chest full of gold in a ship . Heather finally arrived at Beth's house, they are both excited to go. Beth’s always dreamed about going in deep sea driving. So they grab everything they need and head out to the boating dock. Once they get their they have to take a boat to where the location is that the legend said.
Heather and Beth hop on a boat and head out to sea. They have to prepare before they go into the ocean. Get oxygen tanks, helmets, cameras, flash lights, wet-suits. All of that good stuff they need to swim deep into the ocean. The boat driver thinks they're crazy, swimming that deep just to find gold. But they both don't care its an adventure for them. Personally I think that's kinda crazy to do that but its their life.
              But now Heather and Beth are about to jump down into the deep dark scary sea. Heather says to Beth “ This is scary i can't believe we're doing this”. Beth says “ I know but its so worth all the gold”. Beth and Heather jump into the sea. They both have walkies talkies in their wet suits  Beth says “Heather can you hear me?” Beth “yes i can hear you lets figure out where we're going.” Both Heather and Beth start heading towards the bottom of the sea.As their heading down to the bottom of the sea, they see fishes everywhere they are so beautiful Heather says. Theres bluish pink fish, ones that look like the fish in finding nemo.

         They start seeing dead bodies floating. It looks scary to them they both say. Its dark, the waters cold, they can barely see where they are going. They've been in the water for about 3 hours and haven't ate anything. They come across some seaweed, and keep in mind they are starving. So Heather pulls out her knife and cuts the seaweed for both of them to eat. While they are eating a shark comes near them and they both got REALLY scared. Beth was just standing still while heather was freaking out and started to swim her ass away and the shark started going after her. Beth doesn't know what to do she's in shock so she just stands there while the shark is starting to eat her Heather. Beth just swims away because she can't take this emotionally stress, watching her best friend get eaten.
              Beth swam so fast, so far away from Heather that she hadn't realized that her oxygen got a whole it in from the shark so the tank is about to run out. She doesn't know what to do shes scared out of her mind. Then all of a sudden Beth shes a cave, so she starts to head near the cave. When Beth gets in the cave she takes off her wet suit and all her equipment. She looks around and she finds another oxygen tank, “she said thank god for the cave.” She starts to fine stuff to make a fire to keep herself warm while she stays the night in the cave because she thinks its too scary for her to keep going. So Beth starts a fire and falls asleep all sleep safe and sound.
                       The next morning shes off to the bottom of the ocean. She starts to see all exotic fishes everywhere swimming around. Then she finally gets to the bottom of the ocean. Beth starts to look for the chest. But she starts to see the titanic the boat that the legend said the treasure was in, and she heads over to the broken boat. On her way over there she starts to see dead people such as, babies, little kids, teenagers, and adults. Beth starts to cry she thinks to herself how could all of these poor innocent people just die for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Beth starts to look around the boat, shes looking for the treasure chest. Beth looks in all of the rooms, she looks in the dining room, she looks EVERYWHERE still no treasure chest. Then Beth she thinks to herself, “hmmm” she says out loud where could it be. She finally thinks of the spot where it could be. She goes into the captain's room. She sees the safe and tries to unlock it but she can't. There is a combination on the captains safe and shes doesnt know it, she tries all the combination she can think of but its just not working.

                    She tries one last thing she throws a metal chair at the safe. And guess what it opened. And still no treasure chest so she decided to look in the basement of the boat. She swims down the stairs and goes where the cars were parked and there were fancy cars in the basement. Beth checked every single car that was there and she still didn't find that treasure chest. At this point she figures to just give up and stop looking.
                    So she starts to swim back up the the top of the sea. But then Beth hears a noise. She looks around here, shes getting freaked out, she doesn't know where that sound is coming from so she starts to go near it. She sees Heather her best friend that she thought got eaten by a shark. And she sees Heather holding a chest. Beth is so excited that she found her best friend that she thought had died. Beth says “Heather what's in the chest?”Heather says “the gold of course.” Beth says “Where did you get it?!” Heather “The shark put me in his stomach and brought me to it he was very nice, he said he doesn't eat humans.” Beth “i'm glad you're alive i really am.” Heather “lets go back up to the top of the boat i bet they are waiting for us.” So Beth and Heather swim back up to the top carrying a heavy chest. Once they get to the top of the water they coast guards are waiting for the two girls. And they all lived happily ever after.


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  1. The conflict of the story is its an adventure. Heather and Beth was best friends and they changed in the middle of the story. My favorite part of the story is the begining of the story because it explained who Heather and Beth are. The best quality is the conflict. The story's theme is adventure.It doesn't need to be revise.